Saturday, January 16, 2016


Hey you.

It's raining outside and when night falls,
I thought about you a little.

Strange. I have always thought about you.
In my dreams, you were always here for me,
yet I still feel distant apart from you.

You were there to comfort me, showered me with love and words.
Oh words, those beautiful words that shaken me within.

I ache for your hug, I long for your touch and I miss your voice.
How long has it been? Dear you.

But strange, who are you?
I have never had the chance to look at you.
Your face is always/ has been blurred.
Was it because of my vision?
Or was it because you chose to hide your face from me?

You, that feeling grew so fond and distant.
You. Though I am not sure who you are, where you are, what you do.
You, I'll find you.

One day, I believe it shall all make sense.